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120 High PR DoFollow ORG Backlinks for SEO in 2015 Even after release of Panda and Penguin updates in Google search algorithm, creating free backlinks is still a powerful SEO strategy that the bloggers can’t deny and avoid. It is not harmful to create backlink for SEO but what harmful is to create low quality backlinks from low pagerank and irrelevant sites instead of getting backlink from High PageRankand perhaps, from the relevant sites. As there are many blogs which allows you to comment and gives a dofollow backlink in return but they are on domain of .com, .net or with country level domain like .in, .us, .uk or .pk. the best and worthy domains to get backlinks from are .edu domains, . gov domainsand .org domains. These domains are more worthy and pass you high quality backlinks as compare to .com or .net domains. Google love .ORG domains and if your site has some high pagerank high quality backlinks, your site will definitely hit the top page in Search result. Here we have created a huge list of 120 high PageRank .org domains (with pagerank 9 to pagerank 5) some of which will give you dofollow backlinks while other may pass you just nofollow domains. Don’t worry if the link is either dofollow or nofollow, it will for sure boost your ranking in search engines. PageRank 9 .ORG Site for Backlinks 1. PageRank 8 .ORG Sites for Backlinks 1. 2. 3. www.simplemachin 4. www.wordpress.or g/support/ 5. PageRank 7 .ORG Sites for Backlinks 1. m 2. www.forums.freebs 3. 4. www.openoffice.or g/support 5. bout/forums/ 6. 7. 8. www.forums.egulle 9. www.j- /forums 10. www.alzforum.or g 11. www.ipv6forum.c om 12. www.caringforcli 13. www.freeforums. org 14. 15. www.buddypress. org/support 16. www.youthforum. org 17. www.opensolutio 18. www.budapestop enaccessinitiative. org/forum PageRank 6 .ORG Sites for Backlinks 1. .org 2. www.stormfront.or g 3. www.bitcointalk.or g 4. www.stormfront.or g/forum 5. www.ubuntuforum 6. rums 7. www.adblockplus.o rg/forum/ 8. www.broadband- 9. www.broadband-‎ 10. 11. www.forumforthe 12. www.linuxquestio 13. www.dailystrengt 14. www.tmforum.or g 15. www.silverstripe. org/forums 16. www.skollworldfo 17. 18. www.youthforum. 19. www.sciencemag. org 20. 21. 22. www.fortefoundat 23. 24. 25. www.forums.zote 26. forum PageRank 5 .ORG Sites for Backlinks‎‎‎‎‎‎


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